Announcement: Double Down and Refocus

Hello readers,

I appreciate every last one of you sticking with me this long. I’ve reflected about the best use of this space and my time, and I’m going to make some changes. Starting next week, I will post once a week, on Tuesdays, alternating between Book Reviews and Reflections, with Writer-to-Writer topics occasionally rotating into the Reflection spot, when I’m inspired in that direction. The reasons for this change are:

  • I’m still figuring out this writing thing, live, before you, on the internet. After almost a year blogging, I don’t think I have the level of quality content for the W2W category to really differentiate this from a 1,000 other writing blogs. Given that…
  • … I want to give myself more time to hone my craft and write actual novels. There are some weeks I spend 3 of my 5-or-6 writing mornings each week blogging, and I’m falling a behind on my goals. I take my promises to myself seriously.

I enjoy writing book reviews for you, so those will keep on coming. Look for a Reflection on We Need New Names this coming Tuesday.

Thank you, as always, for reading. I promise to get you a real post next week.

Happy writing,
– Josh