I write mostly fantasy and sci-fi. I love diving into deeply personal situations set in fantastic locales. I deeply appreciate you reading. You’re awesome.

Yazmine Learns to Fly

Edited by J.E. Feldman, featuring my short story Yazmine Learns to Fly! A young woman making her way in Chicago meets a stranger who changes her life.

Find it at Dragon Soul Press, or on Amazon.

The Falconer’s Daughter

The Empire broke the world when they betrayed the elemental spirits. Kiara & friends must finish the quest her father failed: deliver a mysterious artifact to the lost heir to restore a broken kingdom’s connection to magic before invaders destroy everything

I dropped this manuscript on Wattpad. Read it for free, and give it a vote!

A Skeptics Plug for Virtual Gaming During Quarantine

Personal reflections on my experience moving from in-person to digital gaming.

A blog about tabletop RPGs. Check out their latest post, or, jump to my article

Charlie’s Ride

Alone in space on a dangerous passage to Mars, Charlie North must make a terrifying choice with time and resources running out.

Check it out in the Volume 6 of Eldritch Science over at the National Fantasy Fan Federation.