Thank Your Support System Today

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I don’t know about you, but for me, learning a new skill, developing a new habit, or tackling a difficult project is immensely more challenging in a vacuum. I believe most people are that way. We need feedback, encouragement, accountability – in short, we need other people. Writing can be a lonely business if we let it be. As of this writing, April of 2020, the world battles a deadly pandemic, increasing the chance of loneliness. I was fortunate to have two experiences this week which made me grateful for my support network.

Unprompted, an old friend who moved two hours away reached out to catch up. We discussed many things, but one is that he too is writing a book or script. Knowing that I am not alone in this journey energized me in a very tangible way during this week’s writing time.

Yesterday was a big day. The good people at Gnome Stew published my first article. This was the first piece published on a site I don’t own by a source that paid me to do it. The fact that the money wouldn’t buy two cups of coffee does not matter one iota, the experience was a huge shot in the arm on a day when two more short story rejections rolled in from the literary magazines.

Yes, that kind of gaming.

Yesterday was also my fourth wedding anniversary. My wife encourages me and sacrifices hours of time when we could be together on the altar of my dreams, and I could not be more grateful. When I learned on Sunday that they would post my editorial on Wednesday, it was too perfect to resist saving the news for that day. I will never forget her smile when I told her. I live for that smile.

Who encourages you? Holds you accountable? Refines you? Challenges you? Supports you? Have you thanked them today?

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