Have You Heard About… Jane Friedman?

Welcome to article 2 of (???we’ll see????) in our series about resources that I found useful as an emerging self-taught writer. Today we’re highlighting a professional source of straight talk about the publishing industry. 

Obligatory Disclaimer: the articles in this series are not ads. WBD is not a commercial enterprise. These are my personal opinions, nothing more or less.

What Is It? 

Jane Friedman has been a professional blogger, writer, editor, and speaker for over twenty years. Her blog is a swiss army knife of articles and resources for writers. In addition to her own consulting business, she writes for Publisher’s Weekly magazine. In 2019, she was named Publishing Commentator of the Year by Digital Book World. She literally wrote the books on both publishing, both traditional and self-publishing

The site has a deep archive, so I recommend starting at this curated table of contents..

Be warned, and be savvy – there is a commercial element to her blog, but it is buried behind many freely available resources. It’s not paywalled by any means, but it does advertise for speaking and editing services. 

Who Is It Talking To?

The target audience is professional writers and aspiring authors who are serious about taking the next step. In addition to general writing advice, there is helpful information about the industry, marketing, social media – basically all aspects of the business of writing.

What Makes It Unique? 

When I read Jane’s blog, I feel like a college undergrad stepping into an experienced, no-nonsense guidance counselor’s office. It feels authoritative, true, and encouraging. The depth and breadth of experience from herself and guest bloggers is invaluable.

The range of topics is another strength: from the writing itself, to  publishing and branding to personal existential questions for all stages of your career, they’ve got it all covered.

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