Have You Head About… Kindlepreneur?

In the spirit of one struggling, still-learning writer tossing suggestions to others in the same boat, let’s talk about the business savvy of Kindlepreneur

First, let’s get this out of the way: Do they want to sell you something? 

Of course they do.

I’m going to confess on of my biases – I’m that guy who avoids sales people in stores. I want to be left alone to shop in peace. If something looks too polished, too commercial, I have an irrational knee-jerk reaction to back away from that. I had that reaction to Kindlepreneur. That said, there’s something to be said for success, and they are heavily endorsed, widely used site with a mountain of free advice and resources for the thrifty writer. 

Their target audience is self-published authors. If you want advice on marketing, book design, search engine optimization, and more, there’s probably a post (or 5) for you, complete with a video, podcast, and an infographic. They go beyond articles and cross into courses and resources. 

For all writers, their listicles of contests and markets are quality validation for other opportunities you may or may not have discovered yourself. I particularly enjoy their in-depth reviews of tools, like this one of Scrivener

The short and sweet of it is this: if you’re trying to do it yourself and you’re hitting a wall, or if you’d like to find digital tools to simplify your writing life, it wouldn’t hurt to give Kindlepreneur a quick search. If, like me, you love writing but all the business stuff sounds intimidating, Kindlepreneur might be useful for you.

Obligatory disclaimer: I’m just a guy with a blog, and these are my opinions. I don’t make a dime on anything you click. Happy writing, and happy resource-hunting

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