Book Review: Heroine Worship

What’s this? A rare sequel follow-up on the ‘Bookshelf? The wife and I took a road trip this past long weekend, which meant loading up another audio book. We both agreed we wanted to revisit the demon-infested alternate San Francisco and its charming superpowered citizens. So, here we go:

The Basics:

Title: Heroine Worship
Author: Sarah Kuhn
Genre: Urban fantasy, romance, humor, superheroes
Publisher: DAW, 2017

Spoiler-Free Summary:

Where the first installment in this series follows Evie Tanaka’s quest to emerge from her dominant friend Annie’s shadow, Heroine Worship is told through the eyes of… yep, you guessed it: Annie Chang. It has been months since her ragtag band of superheroes and super-adjacent heroes saved the city. Annie knows she should be basking in the glow of victory, but finds herself persistently unsatisfied. They saved the city so well, it no longer needs saving. A safe city doesn’t need superheroes…. doesn’t need Aveda Jupiter. Nobody needs Annie.

What’s a girl to do?

She is shaken from her malaise when a mysterious string of violent outbursts spreads through the city like a virus. Is this new threat more demonic activity, or a novel, alien menace? What can the queen of martial arts do against an enemy she cannot punch? However, supernatural baddies are the least of her problems. Annie must squeeze her paranormal investigation in between juggling her parent’s expectations, battling her inner demons, and… planning a wedding. In a month(!).

Even superheroes have relationship problems.

Why This Book Is For You:

Everything I previously wrote about Heroine Complex holds true for the sequel: a quirky setting, punchy dialogue, tight action, and compelling characters drive the story. I want to highlight an emerging theme I believe Kuhn plays with very well: transitions.

Perhaps you’ve never been an out-of-work superhero, but we’ve all felt the angst at one point or another of struggling through a season of change. You run and run, but your goals outpace you – if you have the luxury of knowing those goals in the first place. In both Evie and Annie’s stories, Kuhn explores the psyche of women trying to find their place in the world beyond the expectations of their family, friends, or, yes, even their past selves. Their journeys are organic, sympathetic, and compelling. They’re well worth checking out.

Where Can You Find More?

You can check out Sarah Kuhn’s other works and genuine nerd-cred over at, or peruse her backlist, including the rest of the Heroine Complex series, at Goodreads.

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