Book Review: The Last Human

Have you ever read a book that gave you chills from just how weird it is? Just the pure delight of near-constant surprise? That’s how I feel reading The Last Human by Zack Jordan. 

The Basics:

Title: The Last Human

Author: Zack Jordan

Genre: Scifi, Thriller, Humor

Publisher: Del Rey, 2020

Spoiler-Free Summary: 

In a distant future, humans joined The Network, a galaxy-spanning connection of millions of species who experience reality through augmented-reality implants. Sarya is, as far as she knows, the last human, living a life in hiding, disguised as a second-class citizen of the lowest possible intelligence to warrant Network Citizenship. She could run away, but to do so would be to spit on the generosity of her killer-spider adopted mother. 

On a routine tour of the inner space station, a higher intelligence recognizes her. He knows not only what she is… but where she is from. Sarya dodges bounty hunters and evil corporations on her quest to understand where she comes from and where she is going. 

Why This Book Is For You:

A plot summary cannot possibly convey the depths of the weirdness of this story. These are no humans-with-bumpy-prothetics aliens. Every character is delightfully unexpected, yet hauntingly familiar. 

The Last Human is a masterclass of worldbuilding by taking one element and extrapolating. What would a culture where everyone is connected at all times look, feel, and sound like? How does one maintain individually and find purpose in a world where they are literally a node? 

Come for the adventure and humor, stay for the stark look at Human nature. 

Where Can You Find More? 

The Last Human is Jordan’s debut novel. Keep an eye on this page in the future for more releases. You can read an more at this Reddit AMA (“ask me anything”, a kind of virtual town hall).

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