Have You Heard About… The Literary Mercenary?

The Literary Mercenary Logo, credit to Neal Litherland

Welcome to the first entry in a new weekly series “Have You Heard About,” highlighting resources that I find helpful as a self-taught writer. I am confident they will benefit my readers as well. We’ll focus on what makes each resource unique, it’s strengths, and what it brings to you as a hard-working writer.

Obligatory disclaimer: these are not ads. WBD is not a commercial enterprise. These are my personal opinions, nothing more or less.

What is it?

The Literary Mercenary is the writing blog of Neal Litherland, author of fantasy novels and short stories and a table-top role-playing game designer (for the same author’s thoughts on RPG’s, check out Improved Initiative). He has been a freelance author in a multitude of spaces for over a decade.

Articles update weekly on Wednesdays, and alternate between the craft and business of writing. It has a deep but addicting backlog of great advice – I personally consumed its archives in about a month after stumbling across it.

Who’s it Talking To?

The target audience is, in one sense, authors of fiction, especially fantasy and sci-fi, but the Literary Mercenary shines in its advice to freelancers everywhere.

What Makes it Unique?

Much of the internet’s writing advice feels cold, as if it comes from a text book or a guidance counselor. The Literary Mercenary comes from a self-professed moderately successful writer, one in the trenches just like us. That position strongly influences his style.

Have you ever played sports with an older sibling or friend? Someone who’s a few steps ahead of you with the confidence born of hard-earned battle scars? Sure, you play ball, but even as you D it up, he or she pushes you to be better. That dynamic is what it feels like to read The Literary Mercenary. The writing is tight, clever, and filled with memorable examples. He pulls no punches and frequently relates writing industry current events to the lesson of the week.

If you’re looking for an enlightening conversation about writing, The Literary Mercenary is a great place to start.

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