Book Review: The Midlife Crisis of Commander Invincible

Who doesn’t hate their job? Parts of this deeply personal tale were almost too real. I read this book last year while sick with the flu, and while I’m not sure that the heavy drama did my emotional state any favors, the take kept me turning the pages from morning until night. 

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The Basics:

Title: The Midlife Crisis of Commander Invincible
Author: Neil Connelly
Genre: Modern Fantasy, meta-humans, drama
Publisher: Louisiana State University Press, 2013

Spoiler-Free Summary: 

In his prime, Commander Invincible was the leader of an avengers-like team of superheroes. Now, as he approaches retirement, he deals with marriage problems (of both the first and second variety). identity issues, and his own mortality. In a world with super-villains and world-threatening crises, the Commander’s greatest nemesis may be himself. 

Why this book might be for you:

Art by Marco Abrev

If you love Oscar season, dramas, or the works of Dickens, O. Henry, and George Steinbeck, this is the book for you. We spend very little time flying around and smashing villain skulls. Instead, much space is devoted to navigating the protagonist’s emotional struggle with family, age, identity, and retirement. I think we can all relate to feeling unappreciated, unfulfilled, or unloved at different points in our lives. Commander Invincible drags those struggles to the front yard in the pouring rain and rolls in the mud with them. 

If you think that doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, you’re right, it isn’t, and that’s part of the point. What it is, however, is unapologetically cathartic. 

Why this book might not be for you: 

If you would be deeply disappointed that your superhero tale is not an action-packed explode-a-palooza, then this is not the book for you.

Where can you find more?

You can find more books by Neil at his web site or on Goodreads. Also, check out this interesting interview with his thoughts on writing. 

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