Have You Heard About… Rejection Survival Guide?

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Let’s welcome back Have You Heard About, the little series that keeps on ticking. This is the space where we talk about resources that I have found personally useful which may help or encourage you as well. Today’s subject, The Rejection Survival Guide, definitely falls into the ‘encouragement’ bucket.

Some websites are exactly what it says on the can. RSG is One of Us, just a blog by a fellow writer that focuses on encouragement dealing with the cycle of submission, waiting (the waiting!) and rejection. If you want to quickly see what they’re all about, take a second to check out their manifesto. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

I want to be as chill as this kid.
(Photo by Mitch Kesler on Pexels.com)

Isn’t that just a light breeze on a hot day?

Reading the RSG feels like the conversations you have on front porches, road trips, or sitting around a camp fire with family or close friends – whoever you trust the most. It’s real, it’s raw, and it believes in you.

Some people don’t go in for this style of encouragement. Sometimes I don’t, and I need more of a kick in a pants than an encouraging hand up. But the RSG hammers home a theme that gets to the heart of why and how we do what we do as writers: intrinsic motivation.

If you’ve been writing for any period of time, it is because you must. Because you have something to say. That message, that self-expression burns inside you and has to come out. If you ever need a place to stoke that fire, to help you remember what fuels it, the RSG is great place to start.


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